Oneida Food Service

Oneida is one of the world’s largest designers and sellers of tabletop products. Gracing tables for over 113 years, the brand is a staple in fine dining establishments, family restaurants and hotels. Marked by quality, service and dedicated commitment to customers, Oneida offers a dynamic quality assortment of flatware, dinnerware and banquetware. Oneida is a registered trademark of Oneida Ltd., a subsidiary of The Oneida Group.

Why Buy Oneida?

First and foremost, your satisfaction is our goal. This is accomplished by providing you with the very best products, precisely when you need them. Our commitment to you, our customers, over the last century has been to provide exceptional service and superior quality products. Time-honored and tested, you can trust in the Oneida brand. You can trust in our products and services.

Brand Portfolio

The Oneida Foodservice brand portfolio boasts a breadth of products, second to none, that fit the entire industry. Complete with century old, renowned brand names such as Oneida, Anchor, Stölzle and many more, the Oneida offering brings experience, variety, culture and timeless class to your table. Fit to service tables in luxury and fine dining to casual and family establishments, the Oneida portfolio offers solutions for any décor, category and price point.

Oneida Locations

Oneida operates in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, Europe and Asia marketing and distributing tabletop products. Our team of foodservice professionals has the expertise and drive to be the best sales and marketing tabletop company in the world by leveraging our worldwide network of partners.

Oneida Locations

Brand History

The Oneida Company originated in the mid-nineteenth century, founded by John Humphrey Noyes. The Oneida Community were entrepreneurs making canned fruits, metal traps and sewing silk. Eventually, they began making silver knives, forks and spoons as Oneida Silversmiths. Oneida has since grown into one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Driven by devotion to design, Oneida prides itself on the finest quality products and modern, decorative and classic ...tableware collections.

Table Setting Guide

This guide will show you the proper flatware, dinnerware and drinkware table placements for any type of restaurant or dining situation. From casual to luxury, breakfast to dinner, this is an excellent tool to refresh your skills or to use as a staple in training service staff.


Reinvent your service, products or tabletops after gleaning inspiration, motivation and ideas from Tablescapes. This fantastic source of images displaying our products in use is your idea board for translating fresh creativity and style into your establishment.