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Cultured design. Excellent quality. Extraordinary performance.
For over 200 years, Stölzle has been recognized as Europe's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, 100% lead free crystal glassware. Innovation and quality are the cornerstones of this remarkable brand. Brilliance, durability and resilient craftsmanship are the marks of their splendid collections.

Stölzle Drinking Glasses are dedicated to the culture of wine drinking. Stölzle Decanters & Carafes offer dramatic shapes and presentations that elevate any service. With designs that respect tradition, style and well being, these collections feature machine pulled and melted stems, crystal clarity, and seamless joints reflective of handmade glasses.

Offering a number of exclusive specialty items, Stölzle is a leader in fulfilling industry demands. The unique 10oz. wine tasting glass, for example, allows a perfect size and shape for a small pour and proper aeration. The Glencairn glass is designed with a thick base, ideal for holding and swirling without affecting temperature. Likewise, the Canadian Whiskey glass is renowned for its beautiful tulip shape.

Whatever the service may be, Stölzle products and specialty items are crafted to allow spirits to reach their fullest potential.