Oneida Food Service

Anchor Hocking History

Founded in 1905 in Lancaster, OH

1905 Anchor was founded as Hocking Glass Company

First Automated Press Glass Machine

1924 Anchor Factory investments and innovation with the first automated press glass machine which helped carry the company through the great depression.

Anchor purchases Turner Glass Company

1931 Anchor purchases Turner Glass Company and develops the no deposit no return bottle.

Hocking merges to become Anchor Hocking Inc.


Royal Ruby Glass Introduced

Anchor introduces Royal Ruby glass including this purely art deco ball jug. Sold in vast numbers it becomes known as depression glass.

Fire King Brand Introduced

Anchor introduces Fire King brand, guaranteed to be attractive, durable and inexpensive.

Jade-ite Introduced

Anchor introduces Jade-ite. Bake n serve, heat proof glass that is highly collectable today.

Anchor Hocking sales reach $150M


Anchor acquires Phoenix Glass Company

Anchor acquires Phoenix Glass Company and expands its assortment to include candle lighting and spirit bottles.

Monomoy Capital acquires Anchor Hocking


Launches Partnership with Stolzle

Launches long term partnership with Stolzle for its Consumer and Foodservice markets.

Anchor Hocking Merges with Oneida

2012, Anchor Hocking merges with Oneida Ltd to form EveryWare Global Inc.