Oneida Food Service

Oneida History

Founded in 1848 in Oneida, NY

John Humphrey Noyes established the Oneida Community in Oneida, NY in 1848. The Community’s idea of Utopian lifestyle embraced capitalism.

First Business Launched

Within two years of its founding, the Oneida Community introduced its first product line; a selection of canned fruits and vegetables featuring highly stylized Community labels.

Silk Thread Production Begins

The Community continued to grow its businesses and added the production and sales of high quality silk threads in vivid colors.

Flatware Manufacturing Begins

Oneida Community begins manufacturing of flatware in 1877 in Wallingford, CT. The first patterns produced were Lily and Oval.

Oneida Community now a Joint Stock Company

Oneida Community Ltd becomes a joint stock company.

Triple Plate Introduced

Innovation drove success and Triple Plate flatware was introduced; trumping competitors’ quality and expanding its tableware presence.

Silver Holloware Production Begins

The company invests in emotional advertising featuring fine artists like Maxfield Parish and Coles Phillips, expanding the Community brand.

Silver Holloware Production Begins

Oneida Ltd. opens first holloware factory continuing product expansion in the consumer luxury market.

Oneida Community becomes Oneida Ltd.


Stainless Steel Flatware Production Begins

Oneida Ltd. is the first company to introduce stainless steel flatwar; defining a new era of carefree fine stainless flatware.

Stainless Steel Flatware Popularity Increases

Sales in stainless flatware overtake silverplate and sterling flatware, becoming the more popular option for tableware.

1967 History Title


David Deutsch Hired for Consumer Advertising

Oneida Ltd. is the first customer of David Deutsch and expands its consumer advertising presence through the development of the highly successful Big Brand campaign.

Oneida Purchases Rego China

Oneida purchases Rego China Company to expand its assortment to include foodservice dinnerware.

Monomoy Capital Partners Acquire Oneida Ltd.


Anchor Hocking Merges with Oneida

2012, Anchor Hocking merges with Oneida Ltd to form EveryWare Global Inc.