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The first reaction to a drink is always visual. Before the very first sip, an expectation has been cast that will determine anticipated satisfaction. The perfect cocktail glass helps set the stage for the bartender to serve their signature cocktail for that perfect guest experience. That glass has become their secret weapon where form follows function; and our designers are recreating classic styles of barware to meet the emerging needs of mixologists and bartenders. A broad selection of vintage, modern, and artisan styled cocktail glasses are now available to complete the ideal classic bar. Look no further for the perfectly styled cocktail glass.
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Nick & Nora Nick & Nora This newly designed piece incorporates the vintage style of the 30’s. The coupe silhouette is perfect for martinis and manhattans, the stem is well balanced, allowing the guest to comfortably hold without influencing the temperature of their cocktail. Height: 6" IN.
Copa Gin & Tonic Copa Gin & Tonic The search for the perfect Spanish gin and tonic glass is
over! This Glass has 3 specific requirements that are must
haves: 1) The well balanced stem allows the customer to
hold the cocktail without influencing the temperature of the
drink 2) The robust glass body that buffers the temperature;
allowing the ice, tonic, limes, cucumbers and accoutrements
to intermingle, allowing maximum enjoyment of your
cocktail 3) the harmonious rounded bulbous shape of the
goblet tapers toward the top and as a result, bundles the
aromas to optimize the senses of the cocktail.
Nosing Glass Nosing Glass Manufactured in lead-free brilliant and clear crystal glass
to appreciate the rich color tones of Whisky, Rum and
other barrel aged brandies. The wide goblet optimizes the
development of the subtle aromas to rise up through the
broad tuple design to tantalize your senses. The sturdy
bases and short stem provide the stability to gently swirl
your brandy thus releasing their full flavor.
Suitable for Whisky, Run, Cognac, and other barrel aged
brandies. Can also be used an asperitif glass for beer
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