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Add a splash of color for a delectable dessert, or bring your tabletop to life with Studio Pottery. The perfect garnish for your tabletop, combining rich azure hues and more than 20 presentation options will tempt your diner’s palette.
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F1468994282 F1468994282 Plate (Deep) Width: 10 5/8" IN.
F1468994359S F1468994359S Plate (Rectangular) Length: 11" IN. Width: 8 5/8" IN.
F1468994355 F1468994355 Platter (Oval) Length: 10 1/4" IN.
F1468994042 F1468994042 Mug Width: 3 3/4" IN.
F1468994108 F1468994108 Tapas - Single handle Width: 5 IN.
F1468994109 F1468994109 Cocktail Plate- Round Width: 4 IN.
F1468994115S F1468994115S Sushi Plate - Square Width: 5 1/2" IN.
F1468994283 F1468994283 Tapas Dish (16 oz.) Width: 5 IN.
F1468994285 F1468994285 Footed Ramekin Width: 3 3/4" IN.
F1468994291 F1468994291 Tapas Dish (23 1/2 oz.) Width: 7 IN.
F1468994293 F1468994293 Footed Ramekin (9 oz.) Width: 4 3/4" IN.
F1468994300 F1468994300 Tapas with handles (23 oz.) Width: 7.5 IN.
F1468994301 F1468994301 Footed Ramekin (14 oz.) Width: 5.5 IN.
F1468994363 F1468994363 Platter - Oval Width: 12 IN.
F1468994505 F1468994505 Saucer - Espresso Width: 4 7/8" IN.
F1468994525 F1468994525 Cup - Espresso (3 5/8 oz.) Width: 2 5/8" IN.
F1468994701 F1468994701 Bowl - Cereal (15 1/4 oz.) Width: 5 IN.
F1468994760 F1468994760 Sushi Plate - Narrow Width: 10 1/2" x 4 5/8" IN.
F1468994001 F1468994001 Plate Square Width: 9 13/16" IN.
F1468994115 F1468994115 Plate Width: 6" IN.
F1468994132 F1468994132 Plate Width: 8 1/2" IN.
F1468994151 F1468994151 Plate Width: 10 5/8" IN.
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