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Fleur De Lis


Each glass has been intricately etched with a delicate botanical design, allowing the mixologist to craft new innovations in vessels inspired by trends of days gone by.
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4790005T/10001 4790005T/10001 Fleur De Lis Nick & Nora Glass 5 3/4 oz. Width: 3 1/4 IN.
2730008T/10002 2730008T/10002 Fleur De Lis Sparkling Saucer 8 oz. Width: 3 3/4 IN.
3500017T/10003 3500017T/10003 Fleur De Lis Versailles 10 3/4 oz. Width: 3 1/4 IN.
3500012T/10004 3500012T/10004 Fleur De Lis New York Bar 14 1/4 oz. Width: 2 1/2 IN.
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