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Setting the stage for an entrée is essential to enhance flavor profiles. Grooves provides with a generous plating surface that focuses the flavor experiences. Each bright white shape boasts a radiant, concentric design embossing that allows your culinary art to be the star. A product of the world-renowned Queensbury-Hunt design team, this versatile dinnerware delivers simplicity and style.
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L6850000149 L6850000149 10 1/4" Buffet Plate Width: 10 1/4 IN.
L6850000572 L6850000572 12 oz Mug Width: 12 IN.
L6850000531 L6850000531 8.5 oz Stacking Cup (uses saucer 500)
L6850000506 L6850000506 Saucer for 8.5 oz cup Width: 5 7/8 IN.
L6850000512 L6850000512 10 oz Cup (uses saucer 500 )
L6850000500 L6850000500 Saucer for 10 oz cup Width: 6 7/8 IN.
L6850000155 L6850000155 11” Dinner plate Width: 11 IN.
L6850000159 L6850000159 11” Deep Plate
Width: 11 IN.
L6850000139 L6850000139 9. 1/2” –Salad / Dessert Plate
Width: 9 1/2 IN.
L6850000118 L6850000118 6” B&B
Width: 6 IN.
L6850000797 L6850000797 8" Pasta Bowl – Conical 8”/20cm – Ht 2”
Width: 8 IN.
L6850000760 L6850000760 5. 1/2 " Soup/ Cereal Bowl – Conical 5.5”/14cm
Width: 5 1/2 IN.
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