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Lava appears to have been formed from molten magma. It’s raku inspired surface celebrates the aesthetic of carbon and fire. With a natural affinity to plate live fire cooking…lava rocks.
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L6500000117C L6500000117C Plate, 6 5/16" Width: 6 1/3" IN.
L6500000139C L6500000139C Plate Coupe, 9" Width: 9" IN.
L6500000155C L6500000155C Plate Coupe, 11" Width: 11" IN.
L6500000700 L6500000700 Bowl, 5 3/4" Width: 5 3/4" IN.
L6500000729 L6500000729 Bowl Pedestal, 3 7/8" Width: 3 7/8" IN.
L6500000735 L6500000735 Bowl Pedestal, 7" Width: 7" IN.
L6500000750 L6500000750 Bowl, 8 1/4" Width: 8 1/4" IN.
L6500000367 L6500000367 12 3/5" Fish Dish Width: 12 3/5 IN.
L6500000380 L6500000380 14 3/5" Fish Dish Width: 14 3/5 IN.
L6500000753 L6500000753 10" Round Deep Coupe Bowl Width: 10 IN.
L6500000754 L6500000754 9" Round Deep Coupe Bowl Width: 9 IN.
L6500000751 L6500000751 9 1/2" Bowl Width: 9 1/2 IN.
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