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Rustic and worn, comfortable and time tested. We get a sense of potential and dimension with each touch of Leather’s surface. Natural foods and creative vision from the Chef will plate naturally here.
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Artisan Brochure Artisan Brochure Whet your appetite with the latest offerings from Oneida with our Artisan Dinnerware Collection.
L6550000116C L6550000116C Coupe Plate, 6 1/8" Width: 6 1/8" IN.
L6550000140C L6550000140C Plate Coupe, 9 1/4" Width: 9 1/4" IN.
L6550000152C L6550000152C Plate Coupe, 10 3/4" Width: 10 3/4" IN.
L6550000700 L6550000700 Bowl, 5 5/8" Width: 5 5/8" IN.
L6550000729 L6550000729 Bowl Pedestal, 6 1/8" Width: 6 1/8" IN.
L6550000735 L6550000735 Bowl Pedestal, 7" Width: 7" IN.
L6550000750 L6550000750 Bowl, 8 1/4" Width: 8 1/4" IN.
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