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Lancaster Garden ® White


Steeped in tradition yet hip for the millennial mindset, Lancaster brings an unexpected twist to tradition. Your guests will feel a vintage retro vibe in well-appointed tableware. Create a refreshingly diverse tabletop by blending Lancaster White with the soft pastel patterns inspired by classic Toile fabric. You'll find endless excuses to show off this premium porcelain.
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L6700000152 L6700000152 10 1/2" Plate Width: 0 IN.
L6700000132 L6700000132 8" Plate Width: 0 IN.
L6700000119 L6700000119 6 1/2" Plate Width: 0 IN.
L6700000758 L6700000758 19 oz. Bowl
L6700000520 L6700000520 6 oz Teacup
L6700000500 L6700000500 6" Saucer Width: 0 IN.
L6700000342 L6700000342 9 3/4" Oval Plate Width: 0 IN.
L6700000861 L6700000861 26 oz. Teapot with Iid
L6700000860 L6700000860 12 oz. Teapot with lid
L6700000730 L6700000730 7 oz. Bowl
L6700000807 L6700000807 6 oz. Creamer
L6700000760 L6700000760 10 oz. Bowl
L6700000761 L6700000761 15 oz. Bowl
L6700000560 L6700000560 13 oz. Mug
L6700000942 L6700000942 1 oz. Dish
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