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New Banquetware NRA Introductions


New Banquetware NRA Introductions
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RNDCAK9 RNDCAK9 9'' round cake plate Width: 9 IN.
RNDCAK12 RNDCAK12 12'' round cake plate Width: 12 IN.
SQCAK12 SQCAK12 12'' square cake plate Width: 12 IN.
SCLPLT16 SCLPLT16 16'' scallop plate Width: 16 IN.
OVALSCLPT OVALSCLPT 23 1/2" x 9 3/4" OVAL scallop platter Width: 23 1/2 IN.
SQRSCLPLT SQRSCLPLT 16''x16'' soft square scallop plate Width: 16 IN.
OSTAND OSTAND SS O-Stand with Bamboo Shelves
ASTAND ASTAND SS A-Stand with Bamboo Shelves
SQGLS SQGLS Tempered Glass Shelves
SQSLT SQSLT Slate Shelves
SQBMB SQBMB Bamboo Shelves
PASTRSNG PASTRSNG Single SS Pastry Case w/ Acrylic box
PATRTRP PATRTRP Triple SS Pastry Case w/ Acrylic Box
JUIC5LDIFKIT JUIC5LDIFKIT 5L Dispenser w/ Diffuser/ Base KIT
JUIC5LDIF JUIC5LDIF 5L Dispenser w/ Diffuser
MOD102 MOD102 Concrete Square Base
MOD100KIT MOD100KIT Modular Fence Frame/Base Kit
MOD100 MOD100 Modular Fence Frame
MOD101 MOD101 Concrete Rectangle Base
WA109 WA109 Fruit Basket
WA102 WA102 Board Holder
WA101 WA101 Cup Holder
WA100 WA100 LG Plate/Bowl Holder
WA009 WA009 SM Plate/Bowl Holder
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