Oneida Food Service

A Neighborhood Tradition with an Eye on Innovation

Duck Inn Owner Kevin Hickey grew up in the industrial Bridgeport neighborhood, where his grandma used to operate a lunch counter while the family’s funeral home struggled. Workers in the area could duck in to get a bite before or after their shift, and despite the new iteration’s fine dining pedigree, it still has a working class spirit.

A Rustic Vision with an Upscale Offering

Whittier, California might be known more for its impact on American politics than on the global culinary scene. Former U.S. President Richard Nixon was a Whittier College graduate. Now, a different Nixon is capturing the attention of locals. Top Chef alum Katsuji Tanabe recently opened The Nixon Chops & Whiskey, a new chophouse in the area with a lived-in feel.

Cocktails & the Forgotten Element of Form

In the sub-society of the cocktail world we sit around in art critic-like situations puzzling the big pictures in life like: 1 dash or 2 of absinthe? Or: ¼ of an ounce or 1 teaspoon of that secret triple spice syrup? We are constantly trying to figure out that perfect recipe, but what we generally tend to forget about is the vessel we’re serving it in.

Form Follows Flavor: Rethinking the Guest Experience

A pleasurable guest experience has always been a cornerstone of successful restaurants, but what defines a great dining experience is evolving. Flavorful menus and attentive service are not the only factors in attracting and keeping customer attention. Presentation now plays an increasingly important role.

Form Follows Flavor with Ivy Mix

In this Form Follows Flavor series, we'll explain the culmination of flavor, design, and lifestyle coming together to create the ultimate guest experience. With the help of world-renowned bartender and restaurant owner Ivy Mix, we'll tell the complete dining experience story – not just one about product, or food, or drink, but one that taps into all of the customer's senses to create something truly unique and memorable.

Tableware That Works: Uniting Presentation with Efficiency

While waiting for a table or spot at the bar, diners spend time scanning the atmosphere you’ve created. A table with patrons enjoying flavorful offerings from unique dinnerware or a guest ordering a craft cocktail in an eye-catching glass alerts newcomers and regulars alike that they should be excited about what’s in store.