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Alto lives in the world where Form follows function, and less is more. Tall and slender, alto's geometry is defined by an angled top surface that is inherently dramatic and functional. Alto respects table real estate with a minimal footprint making it very useful in a world where so many things are served off the plate and on the side. 18/10 Stainless Steel is buffed to our luxury standard.
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J00704112A J00704112A Sauce Boat (8 oz.) Length: 6 1/8 IN. Width: 3 1/8 IN. Height: 3 1/4 IN.
J00704131A J00704131A Sauce Boat (15 oz.) Length: 8 IN. Width: 4 IN. Height: 3 7/8 IN.
J00705731A J00705731A Water Pitcher (64 oz.) Length: 7 1/4 IN. Width: 4 1/4 IN. Height: 10 1/2 IN.
J00700661A J00700661A Coffee Pot (64 oz.) Length: 8 1/2 IN. Width: 4 IN. Height: 10/1/2002 IN.
J00704801A J00704801A Tea Pot (20 oz.) Length: 6 5/8 IN. Width: 3 1/4 IN. Height: 5 IN.
J00701191A J00701191A Creamer W/ Cover (10 oz.) Length: 4 7/8 IN. Width: 2 7/8 IN. Height: 4 1/2 IN.
J00701131A J00701131A Creamer W/O Cover Length: 4 7/8 IN. Width: 2 7/8 IN. Height: 4 IN.
J00704461A J00704461A Sugar W/O Cover Length: n/a IN. Width: 3 5/8 IN. Height: 2 1/8 IN.
J00704421A J00704421A Sugar W/Cover Length: 4 1/8 IN. Width: 3 5/8 IN. Height: 2 3/16 IN.
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