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Create an elegant presentation with these high quality units.

  • Stainless Steel base units
  • Acrylic Domes
  • Porcelain surfaces
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2350 2350 2 Level Revolving CenterPiece, Chrome, with 6 each GB 9 Bowls and 3 each GB 7 Bowls Length: 35 IN. Width: 35 IN. Height: 24 IN.
2450 2450 Revolving CenterPiece, Chrome, with 3 Round Plates and Domes Width: 32 IN. Height: 28 IN.
EB630E EB630E Round Étagère Stand 2 Level Length: 19 IN. Width: 16 IN. Height: 16 1/2 IN.
EFC000E010 EFC000E010 Rectangle Cooling Tray, Single (2 x 1/2 GN), UNISON, Stainless Steel Model with Roll Top Hood Length: 20 IN. Width: 12 IN. Height: 10 IN.
EFC000E013 EFC000E013 Round Cooling Plate UNISON, Stainless Steel Model Length: 13 IN. Height: 9 IN.
EFC000E015 EFC000E015 Coupe Bowl China Dish (Large), Unison Stainless Steel Model Length: 12 IN. Height: 6 1/2 IN.
EFC000E403 EFC000E403 Round Cooling Tray UNISON, Stainless Steel Model Length: 16 IN. Height: 10 IN.
EFC3RECTSET EFC3RECTSET Rectangular Étagère 2 Level Stand With (2 each) EFC 000 E 010 and (1 each) AB 513 Length: 12 IN. Width: 12 IN. Height: 26 IN.
EFC3RNDSET EFC3RNDSET Round Étagère 2 Level Stand With (1 each) EFC 000 E 013, (1 each) EFC 000 E 403 and (1 each) EB 630 E Length: 24 IN. Width: 24 IN. Height: 24 IN.
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