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Glass Sea


Texture and shape make this line of glass serving bowls and platters unique and allow for exceptional food presentation.
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G1208 G1208 Rectangular Green Glass Platter, Small Length: 12 IN. Width: 8 IN.
G2312 G2312 Rectangular Green Glass Platter, Large Length: 23 1/2 IN. Width: 12 IN.
G3011 G3011 S Platter Green Glass, Small Length: 30 1/2 IN. Width: 11 IN.
GB1600 GB1600 Round Green Glass Bowl Length: 16 IN. Width: 4 IN.
GB8 GB8 Round Clear Bowl, Medium
GB9 GB9 Round Clear Bowl, Large
GBS4 GBS4 Square Clear Bowl, Mini
GS1003 GS1003 Square Green Glass Bowl
GS1515 GS1515 Square Frosted Green Glass with Fluted Edges Length: 15 IN. Width: 15 IN.
GT1200 GT1200 Round Green Glass "Basin" Bowl Length: 12 IN.
GU2315 GU2315 U Shaped Green Glass Shelf Length: 23 IN. Width: 15 IN.
GW1515 GW1515 Square Green Glass Wave Plate Length: 12 IN. Width: 12 IN.
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