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The sound, aroma and irresistible appeal of vegetables, shellfish, tacos, and a host of enticing hors d'oeuvres choices, on your Strata grill, provide an exciting alternative to food pans. Aluminum bonded to brushed stainless steel, spreads and holds heat.
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ST11602111-Grill ST11602111-Grill Base (rectangle) w/storage case Length: 24 1/2 IN. Width: 16 1/2 IN. Height: 5 1/4 IN.
ST11702011 ST11702011 Grill Top (rectangle) w/drip cup Length: 23 1/2 IN. Width: 15 1/2 IN. Height: 3/4 IN.
ST11702011K ST11702011K Grill Recangular Kit Length: 24 1/2 IN. Width: 16 1/2 IN. Height: 5 1/4 IN.
ST11702022 ST11702022 Magnetic Heat Unit 4 amp/110V (fits ST11702011) Length: 9 IN. Width: 9 IN.
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