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Briana achieves its attractive European styling with a mid-rim shape and an embossed scalloped design. Its pure simplicity offers exceptional versatility to distinguish any tabletop. The bright white porcelain body provides a popular look for most casual dining settings while, the advanced design edge provides extra protection against chipping and breakage.

  • 1-Year no-chip warranty
  • Bright white porcelain body
  • 9" plate designed for healthcare
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R4190000118 R4190000118 Plate Length: 6 3/8 IN.
R4190000125 R4190000125 Plate Length: 7 1/4 IN.
R4190000132 R4190000132 Plate Length: 8 1/8 IN.
R4190000139 R4190000139 Plate Specialty* Length: 9 IN.
R4190000140 R4190000140 Plate Length: 9 1/8 IN.
R4190000149 R4190000149 Plate Length: 10 1/4 IN.
R4190000155 R4190000155 Plate Length: 11 IN.
R4190000367 R4190000367 Platter Oval Length: 12 5/8 IN.
R4190000500 R4190000500 Saucer Length: 6 1/4 IN.
R4190000510 R4190000510 Cup Adelphi (8 oz.) Length: 4 1/2 IN.
R4190000530 R4190000530 Cup (Stackable) (7 oz.) Length: 4 7/8 IN.
R4190000560 R4190000560 Mug (Stackable) (10 oz.) Length: 4 1/2 IN.
R4190000705 R4190000705 Bouillon (Stackable) (11 oz.) Length: 3 3/4 IN.
R4190000710 R4190000710 Fruit (6 1/4 oz.) Length: 5 IN.
R4190000720 R4190000720 Grapefruit (16 oz.) Length: 6 3/4 IN.
R4190000740 R4190000740 Soup Rim Deep (22 oz.) Length: 9 1/4 IN.
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