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Practicality, affortdability and style come together in the attractive service-friendly designs of Atlantic. These wide and narrow rim ranges will delivery years of service at the lowest possible replacement cost.

  • Limited 1-Year no-chip warranty
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R4140000562 R4140000562 Mug C-Handled (11 oz.) Length: 4 IN.
F9010000111 (R4530000111) F9010000111 (R4530000111) Plate RE Length: 5 1/2 IN.
F9010000119 (R4530000117) F9010000119 (R4530000117) Plate RE Length: 6 1/4 IN.
F9010000124 (R4530000124) F9010000124 (R4530000124) Plate RE Length: 7 1/8 IN.
F9010000139 (R4530000139) F9010000139 (R4530000139) Plate RE Length: 9 IN.
F9010000144 (R4530000144) F9010000144 (R4530000144) Plate RE Length: 9 5/8 IN.
F9010000151 (R4530000149) F9010000151 (R4530000149) Plate RE Length: 10 1/2 IN.
F9010000153 (R4530000153) F9010000153 (R4530000153) Bowl Pasta (Deep) (45 1/2 oz.) Length: 10 5/8 IN.
R4530000162 R4530000162 Bowl Pasta (Deep) (55 1/2 oz.) Length: 12 1/8 IN.
F9010000163 (R4530000163) F9010000163 (R4530000163) Plate RE Length: 12 IN.
R4530000342 R4530000342 Platter RE Oval Length: 9 3/8 IN.
R4530000350 R4530000350 Platter RE Oval Length: 10 3/8 IN.
R4530000360 R4530000360 Platter RE Oval Length: 11 5/8 IN.
R4530000368 R4530000368 Platter RE Oval Length: 12 5/8 IN.
R4530000392 R4530000392 Platter RE Oval Length: 15 1/2 IN.
F9010000501 (R4530000501) F9010000501 (R4530000501) Saucer Length: 5 1/2 IN.
R4530000502 R4530000502 Saucer Length: 6 IN.
R4530000505 R4530000505 Saucer A.D. Length: 4 7/8 IN.
R4530000520 R4530000520 Cup Low (7 oz.) Length: 4 7/8 IN.
R4530000521 R4530000521 Cup Tall (7 oz.) Length: 4 1/2 IN.
R4530000525 R4530000525 Cup A.D. (3 1/2 oz.) Length: 3 5/8 IN.
F9000000560 (R4530000560) F9000000560 (R4530000560) Mug Delmonico (8 oz.) Length: 4 1/4 IN.
F9010000700 (R4530000700) F9010000700 (R4530000700) Bouillon (7 1/2 oz.) Length: 3 7/8 IN.
R4530000710 R4530000710 Fruit (3 3/4 oz.) Length: 4 IN.
F9010000711 (R4530000711) F9010000711 (R4530000711) Fruit (6 1/2 oz.) Length: 4 3/4 IN.
F9010000720 (R4530000720) F9010000720 (R4530000720) Grapefruit (10 oz.) Length: 6 3/8 IN.
F9010000731 (R4530000731) F9010000731 (R4530000731) Nappie (12 oz.) Length: 4 7/8 IN.
F9010000733 (R4530000733) F9010000733 (R4530000733) Nappie (15 oz.) Length: 5 3/4 IN.
F9010000741 (R4530000740) F9010000741 (R4530000740) Soup Rim Deep (24 1/4 oz.) Length: 9 IN.
F9010000748 (R4530000748) F9010000748 (R4530000748) Bowl Pasta (Steep) (39 1/2 oz.) Length: 10 1/2 IN.
F9010000751 (R4530000751) F9010000751 (R4530000751) Bowl Pasta (Steep) (56 1/2 oz.) Length: 12 IN.
F9010000756 (R4530000756) F9010000756 (R4530000756) Bowl Pasta Coupe (32 oz.) Length: 7 3/8 IN.
R4530000757 R4530000757 Bowl Pasta (Coupe) (108 oz.) Length: 8 2/7 IN.
F9010000758 (R4530000758) F9010000758 (R4530000758) Bowl Pasta Coupe (48 oz.) Length: 8 1/4 IN.
F9010000790 (R4530000790) F9010000790 (R4530000790) Bowl Pasta (Atlantic RE) (30 oz.) Length: 11 5/8 IN.
F9010000791 (R4530000791) F9010000791 (R4530000791) Bowl Pasta (51 oz.) Length: 12 1/8 IN.
F9010000759 (R4530000796) F9010000759 (R4530000796) Bowl Pasta Coupe (107 1/2oz.) Length: 10 5/8 IN.
F9010000802 (R4530000802) F9010000802 (R4530000802) Creamer (4 1/2 oz.) Length: 4 IN.
F9000000111 (R4540000111) F9000000111 (R4540000111) Plate NR Length: 5 1/2 IN.
F9000000119 (R4540000119) F9000000119 (R4540000119) Plate NR Length: 6 1/2 IN.
F9000000127 (R4540000127) F9000000127 (R4540000127) Plate NR Length: 7 1/2 IN.
F9000000139 (R4540000139) F9000000139 (R4540000139) Plate NR Length: 9 IN.
F9000000143 (R4540000143) F9000000143 (R4540000143) Plate NR Length: 9 1/2 IN.
F9000000149 (R4540000151) F9000000149 (R4540000151) Plate NR Length: 10 1/4 IN.
F9000000343 (R4540000343) F9000000343 (R4540000343) Platter NR Oval Length: 9 1/2 IN.
F9000000359 (R4540000359) F9000000359 (R4540000359) Platter NR Oval Length: 11 1/2 IN.
F9000000373 (R4540000373) F9000000373 (R4540000373) Platter NR Oval Length: 13 1/4 IN.
R4540000711 R4540000711 Fruit (5 1/4 oz.) Length: 4 5/8 IN.
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