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A classically styled assortment featuring stemware for drafts of the most fundamental to the most elite tastes, Stolzle's Beer stemware presents excellent clarity, brilliance, durability and balance.

  • Lead Free Crystal Glass
  • High-performance
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04533-708067 04533-708067 Oktoberfest Beer Mug - 17.5 oz Width: 5 1/4 IN. Height: 6 3/8 IN.
04533-808067 04533-808067 Oktoberfest Beer Mug - 35 oz Width: 6 1/2 IN. Height: 8 IN.
SF1715 SF1715 Imperial beer 11.25 oz Width: 2 5/8 IN. Height: 7 1/2 IN.
SF1716 SF1716 Imperial beer 13.5 oz Width: 2 7/8 IN. Height: 7 7/8 IN.
SF1717 SF1717 Imperial beer 17.5 oz Width: 3 IN. Height: 8 3/8 IN.
SF1718 SF1718 Imperial beer 21.75 oz Width: 3 1/8 IN. Height: 8 7/8 IN.
SF1725 SF1725 Konig Beer 18.25 oz Width: 3 1/2 IN. Height: 7 1/2 IN.
SF1729 SF1729 Berlin Beer 13.25 oz Width: 3 1/4 IN. Height: 5 3/4 IN.
SF1730 SF1730 Berlin Beer 16.5 oz Width: 3 1/2 IN. Height: 6 IN.
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