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Anchor Hocking

Sleek. Stylish. Superior.
Clarisse is beauty and flexibility designed into one. Whether serving festive drinks or beers, high-balls or iced teas, the sleek, contemporary lines of this shape add a dimension of elegance that looks good on any table.

  • Rim Tempered for added durability
  • Anchor Hocking's Sure Guard Guarantee
  • Anchor Hocking's Proprietary Design
  • Made in the USA
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77770 77770 10 oz. Rocks Width: 3 1/2 IN. Height: 3 3/4 IN.
77780 77780 20 oz. Cooler Width: 3 3/4 IN. Height: 6 1/2 IN.
77787 77787 7 oz. Rocks Width: 3 1/4 IN. Height: 3 3/8 IN.
77794 77794 14 oz. Beverage Width: 3 3/8 IN. Height: 5 1/8 IN.
77796 77796 16 oz. Cooler Width: 3 3/8 IN. Height: 6 1/8 IN.
77790R 77790R 12 oz. Rocks Width: 3 5/8 IN. Height: 4 IN.
77792R 77792R 12 oz. Beverage Width: 3 1/4 IN. Height: 4 7/8 IN.
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