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Sant' Andrea

Sahara focuses the culinary visual using textural terracing. Framing each piece with movement and organic texture, this fine porcelain shape speaks to culinary creativity with a voice that merges with our natural world. Limited 3-year no-chip warranty. Bright white porcelain body. Embossed raised design.
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R4848923119 R4848923119 Plate Length: 6 5/16 IN.
R4848923136 R4848923136 Plate Length: 8 1/2 IN.
R4848923139 R4848923139 Plate Length: 9 IN.
R4848923152 R4848923152 Plate Length: 10 1/4 IN.
R4848923156 R4848923156 Plate Length: 11 IN.
R4848923162 R4848923162 Plate Length: 11 7/8 IN.
R4848923167 R4848923167 Plate Length: 12 4/9 IN.
R4848923341 R4848923341 Platter Length: 9 1/4 IN.
R4848923371 R4848923371 Platter Length: 13 IN.
R4848923393 R4848923393 Platter Length: 15 3/4 IN.
R4848923500 R4848923500 Saucer 6 5/16" Length: 6 1/3 IN.
R4848923505 R4848923505 Saucer Espresso 4 15/16" Length: 4 8/9 IN.
R4848923512 R4848923512 Cup 8.96 oz
R4848923531 R4848923531 Cup Stackable 9.46 oz
R4848923535 R4848923535 Cup Espresso Stackable Length: 3 1/4 IN. Width: 2.38 IN IN.
R4848923567 R4848923567 Mug Stackable 12oz Length: 4 2/3 IN. Width: 3.31 IN IN.
R4848923700 R4848923700 Bouillon 10 2/3oz Length: 4 2/7 IN.
R4848923733 R4848923733 Bowl Cereal 15 oz
R4848923740 R4848923740 Bowl Soup 33.8 oz
R4848923789 R4848923789 Gourmet Bowl 59 1/16 oz Length: 11 2/9 IN.
R4848923790 R4848923790 Bowl Pasta 62.5oz Length: 11 1/8 IN.
R4848923797 R4848923797 Deep Bowl Length: 9 IN.
R4848923803 R4848923803 Creamer 5.07oz Length: 4 1/8 IN. Width: 3.44 IN IN.
R4848923906 R4848923906 Sugar Packette Length: 4 1/5 IN. Width: 2.25 IN IN.
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