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Verge creates an aesthetic that draws from the folded surfaces of origami. Each gleamingly polished surface suggests jeweled facets of reflective energy. Unique and textural sculpture define creativity on the tabletop.

  • 18/10 Stainless Steel
  • High polish, bright finish
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T947FDEF T947FDEF Salad Fork Length: 7 2/8 IN.
T947FDIF T947FDIF Table Fork, European Size Length: 8 6/8 IN.
T947FDNF T947FDNF Dinner Fork Length: 8 IN.
T947KBVF T947KBVF Butter Knife Length: 7 IN.
T947KDTF T947KDTF Dinner Knife Length: 9 6/8 IN.
T947SADF T947SADF A.D. Coffee Spoon Length: 6 IN.
T947SBLF T947SBLF Bouillon Spoon Length: 6 2/8 IN.
T947SDEF T947SDEF Dinner Spoon Length: 7 2/8 IN.
T947SITF T947SITF Iced Teaspoon Length: 7 4/8 IN.
T947STBF T947STBF Tablespoon Length: 8 6/8 IN.
T947STSF T947STSF Teaspoon Length: 6 2/8 IN.
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