Oneida Food Service

Dinnerware Use & Care

Your fine silverplate and stainless flatware and holloware will give you extra long service and will always look great when properly cared for. We off the following recommendations:


Separate china, metalware and glassware into their own bus boxes to avoid metal marking of china and excessive breakage of glassware. Always scrape and rack soiled china immediately after use.

Always scrape and rack soiled china immediately after use.

Avoid stacking soiled china. If a backlog does occur, stack by item not more than twelve pieces high on the back counter.

Never allow soiled dishes to stand overnight.


Always wash soiled china within 30 to 40 minutes after use. Improper use of a pre-soak solution can cause a chemical reaction with the chinaís glaze, and etching the glazed surface. Once etched, the surface is more prone to glaze abrasion, metal marking and food staining.

Never use a scouring powder or scouring pad to remove stains. The only product we recommend for removing food soil deposits is the white 3M Scotchbrite 9030 pad.

Utilize solid plastic racks for washing and storage, not plastic coated metal.


Always pre-rinse with 110 to 120 degree water.

Check cycle times, temperatures, water pressure, and water condition to ensure proper cleaning. Your dealer can help you with this.


Adequate storage space must be provided for china. This is critical in the soiled dish area, especially during peak periods.

All metallic countertops and shelving that will contact the china should be made of 302 stainless with a number three or four finish. The use of any other metallic shelving will result in the direct deposit of metal on the foot and will transfer to the face of the china after a short period of use.

Before moving china to the storage area, racks of clean china taken from the dishwasher should be allowed to air dry.