Oneida Food Service

Drinkware Care & Use

Due to the strength and resilience of the beautiful inn crystalÆ body of your Oneida Foodservice Crystal, with the proper care, it will provide years of service.

Mechanical Shock:

When glassware comes in sudden contact with any hard surface or object, whether it's another glass, the countertop or a beer tap, small abrasions are created which weaken the surface and increase the chance of breakage and chipping.

To avoid unwarranted breakage these simple guidelines are provided:

Never stack glasses. Avoid glass to glass contact in all instances.

Do not use glassware for storage of silverware;

Never scoop ice with a glass. Use a plastic scoop.

Separate glassware, silverware and china in bus trays.

Never pick up glasses in bouquets.

Thermal Shock:

The result of a rapid temperature change in the glassware which can create stress and/or cracking.

Utilize the correct rack system for tumblers and stems. A divided rack is always recommended.

Empty ice from glass before sorting bus tray, this allows more time for the glass to reach room temperature before washing.

Never pour cold liquid into a hot glass, such as one just out of the dishwasher, or hot liquid into a cold glass.

Keep an adequate back-up supply of glasses.

A recently washed glass should be allowed to reach room temperature before being placed back in service.